Medicare Part A & B leave some pretty significant gaps in your coverage!

Learn how Medicare Advantage plans can protect you and your loved ones!


How do Medicare Advantage Plans work?

Most Medicare Advantage Plans offer coverage for things Original Medicare doesn’t cover. Not ALL Advantage Plans will offer the following benefits, that's why Medicare Advantage Planning is here to help you find the best coverage for you and explain which plans offer what is best for your lifestyle and needs. 


Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for routine dental visits, teeth cleanings, fillings, dentures or most tooth extractions. Some Medicare Advantage plans cover basic cleanings and X-rays. 


Medicare generally doesn’t cover routine eye exams or glasses (exceptions include diabetes or some cataract surgery). But some Medicare Advantage plans provide vision coverage.


Medicare doesn’t cover routine hearing exams or hearing aids, which can cost as much as $6000. But some Medicare Advantage plans cover hearing aids, fitting exams and discounts.


Many Medicare Advantage plans cover Silver Sneakers, which provides gym memberships and special health programs for weight training, aerobics, and group exercise classes.